Green Construction

Integral, Sustainable and Viable Building Solutions

Midgard Green Construction.

Integral Systems Design, Construction and Implementation

Our team comprises the best available in skills and experience in the fields of green architecture, solar architecture, energy efficient design and efficiency measurement, renewable energy systems design, ecologically sensitive construction systems, materials selection and agro-ecology. We are all educators in our fields and practitioners with practical experience in whole systems design.

We have relationships internationally with all the service, materials, equipment and technology suppliers of green or earth and people friendly systems.

Our designs stand up to scientific scrutiny and are measurably efficient, not simply relying on technologies, but efficient in themselves and the integration of the natural environment, the planted landscape, the macro and micro climate and the built environment. There is much rhetoric on the subject of green design with many green building check lists being experimented with. Our design process goes far beyond a tick box system and is transparent and educative in every respect.