Exploration And Being More

Exploration And Being More by Bjørn Heyerdahl...
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Midgard Outreach Education Participation

The Midgard Outreach Education Participation
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Cognitive line of development – Blue Genes

Cognitive line of development. For context a quick reminder that the cognitive line of development proceeds in all humans, cross-culturally, from sensory motor, to phantasmal-emotional, to...
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Integral Education

Integral Education How do we encourage Mature Reason or Post-Formal thought? What lies ahead of Formal Operational thought and Why is it important in education? Integral Theory – The theory...
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Such is Our Predicament (Excerpt – Blue Genes)

Such is Our Predicament. One thing that strikes any student of history is that we always seem to be starting over again… if you read Socrates dialogues or Heraclitus reasons for walking off into the...
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The Midgard Expedition Explained On Foot.

by Bjorn Heyerdahl

Welcome to My Blog – Bjørn Heyerdahl


I studied human nature in the hardest of workshops. It was during my year sentence to detention and community service as a conscientious objector in the mid–eighties in apartheid South Africa that I began to explore firsthand the nature of organizations and the individuals within them.

This interest led to further, more formal, research and study, on my release, and ultimately the development and launch of a series of personal, corporate, and community development programs. My passion for finding solutions and working models of intelligent sustainable human habitation lead to the launching of the Midgard Expedition and working with eleven different African communities to provide such models.

This research and exploration has led to the development of a biospheric design system. These programs and design systems have expanded with the needs of the clients, communities and eco-systems they serve.

Through the Midgard Expedition I have sought an intimate knowledge of the reality behind the symbols of science.

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