Such is Our Predicament.

One thing that strikes any student of history is that we always seem to be starting over again… if you read Socrates dialogues or Heraclitus reasons for walking off into the mountains or Henry David Thoreau hurrying through the main street of Concord; it all seems the same story and the same time. When I read these men I always feel they were confronting the exact same issues we are. The same cities the same streets the same businessmen and the same politicians. But we rehash the same issues again and again. Here we are decades from the first earth summit and with a document like the Earth Charter clearly expressing the will and foundations of global citizens and we are asking the same questions for which we have had the answers all along.

Why is there no synthesis of the best of all the lessons that can be clearly seen in the panoramas available to even the casual student of the last 13.77 billion years of recorded history, and the contemplatives who study more broadly, deeply and much further back than that?

We have men of low intelligence and lower moral standing running economic power houses and holding political office because no one of real intelligence wants to spend their precious time here on earth organising life for the retarded masses and exploiting their naivety for short term power and the illusion of security or control.

As Socrates said, if a society wants to be ruled by someone who will act in their interests and truly do the best for the community served, then they will have to press into office someone of the intellectual ability, morality, integrative insight, and leadership ability who would otherwise never get involved in such a self-defeating and self-sacrificial office. A true servant of the people looks nothing like the pompous little upstarts, queuing up and jostling for the ‘honour and glory’ of public office and its material trappings – Currying favour from the most unscrupulous gangsters and harlots for the money to bribe their way through the halls of fame and to sell them to the hypnotised housewives and desperate factory workers hoping for a break in what they loosely term life.

The irony is, and always will be, that until the general global population reaches levels of cognitive, emotional and moral development to see the folly of the current system, they will not look for anyone who will actually act in their interests – they will continue to pick one of the players who will feed their pathologies and profit off their labour while promising to keep protecting ‘the dream’. And what a dream it is – an illusion, a promise perpetually unfulfilled. A promise to pay as baseless as the financial instruments that threaten to collapse the whole financial system today.

Everything in a finite system that has infinite growth as its goal is based on such a promise to pay – with no intention of honouring it. The cliché of the politician promising and then immediately, that he is in office, reneging on that promise, is completely accepted as reality by the voters… and so it is. The voters are undeterred by this reality and return again and again to the voting polls all the same. Even mathematics is based, in the finite empirical realm, on such promises to pay – IOU’s that will never be redeemed. Our economy is based that way and always will be as long as the illusion of infinite consumption and infinite growth are its drivers. Both illusions by definition in a given biosphere.

So if we approach a stage where some, even many, can see the lack of sustainability in the system, we approach the fearful awakening from the dream. Who will be the ones to awaken the masses, grim faced, serving Mammon, with work ethic, determination, reward, pensions, employee of the month, and that exciting holiday on the beach all ahead of them? These Mythic – rational workers all ‘living the dream’… who wants to tell them? Who wants to rouse them to the great lie they live while the lie keeps them docile? Who wants to see their anger unleashed upon awakening?

This is in part why the general awakening of mankind takes so long. Each epoch holding on to its view as long as it can to avoid the chaos of transition and the retribution against the ‘leaders’ – loved one day with flags waving as they go buy – and shot in the head the next, for not delivering on the dream, for not cashing the IOU’s.

No one ever will cash those IOU’s because they are the financial instruments and political instruments of the age of democracy of infants and infinite growth economies – a very obvious and necessary lie for the Mythic-Rational phase of development.

Although, phase specific and even necessary, if this illusion persists too long then it is not a matter of who will be the whistle blowers, it is a systemic collapse that will rouse the masses from this drowsy dreamlike state. Then the chaos will lead downward in a tribal regression as the last resources are fought over by the disillusioned that could not move through and upward; but now retreat away from the level of development that bewitched them and hurt them so.

Such is our predicament. How do we rouse the masses without further regression? How is the transformation that is now an imperative, also a transcendent step up and through not back and away from the ‘progress’ we have made as a species?

The UN seems after decades of asking this question, at a loss. And who can blame them. They are financially dependent on the member nations, one and all ethnocentric national states. All of them run by the politicians and the business men here described – who have not changed much since the two games were started. The games are flawed in themselves… So changing the rules and protocols for the games does nothing but give the naïve participants a moment of false hope and optimism for a meeting or a conference… but the games go on.

The game has as its intention a winner. It has progress, more of, bigger, growth and so on, inherent in its nature and it is played on the fields of planet earth. It cannot deliver, and so it sends IOU’s in the name of its children to redeem its debt. This has been the way of the world since the time of the dawn of civilisation and further back to the first lusting eye cast on the fruit of our planet and the belief that satisfaction will be found in more.

For now, the mathematics of sets upon sets, that can only be confirmed as true from without and thus never complete in themselves, is the way of the world and all of its sciences. The IOU’s do serve, however, to legitimise a stage of awakening and give us some privileged time to examine the entire display of the Kosmos, both inner and outer expressions, as a whole. It at least alleviates (for some) our labour for our daily bread. So in this temporary period, where we borrow on our children’s inheritance, and hire a fool or a nave to handle the plough for a while, we catch our breath and we educate ourselves with pause, reflection and maybe contemplation. In this way we might come to see, with an inward eye of self-reflection and an outward eye of discernment, that we must reengage with life on its essential terms and find ourselves as more than the sum of our possessions. We must find ourselves by being more. We must find ourselves in expanded definitions and identities not in expanded waistlines and dilutions of grandeur in the surface of things.

Now, we can look at all this as an ‘elite’ group, who knows more of the context of the real life and tut-tut about the ignorant masses, as if they were another group, but this is not our truth. They are one group and they are us at various stages of awakening. When the sleep is rubbed from the eyes of even the most earnest seekers among us we may all find a vista that leaves us smiling at our agonies here. Until then how do we collectively massage the sleeping parts of our collective body to life and action? Or do we simply get on with our own business of staying alive as long as we can with as little conflict and as much contemplation as we can muster?

Can we build the universities of life, which introduce the levels and panoramas that we so badly need? Can we, with existing budgets, better spend and integrate our efforts and resources to the end some of us can see and all of us can feel?

Yes we can. We can introduce transformative (transcendent education and injunctions to our current curriculums).

It has been my intention, and my occupation, to show the practical possibilities for not only legitimising our basic needs in our towns and communities more intelligently and sustainably. It has been my long held intention to show how, with the same financial spend on services and infrastructure, education and communication, we can also transform any of our towns, community projects, cities or rural communities into living universities that encourage and facilitate transformation and transcendence. The same municipal budgets that fragment our living, our community and our education can be used to synthesise them into a cohesive culture and functional society of value change and exchange. The loftiest and the lowliest (or most basic) intentions of our integrative leadership can be manifest now and here in the world as we find it and the world that we want can manifest from within them.

Special projects are not required to be separated out of community life. They can be integrated in through clever design. Design of integrated systems of learning, earning, doing, and functioning can serve all that we now focus on, more efficiently, and serve our collective transcendence and evolution to peace and sustainability.

It is thus that the co-evolution of our individual consciousness, our shared worldview and our inter-objective social institutions can be facilitated. It is thus that we break the loggerheads and the procrastination, the waiting for consciousness to grow first and then manifest. The design system exists, the perspectives are available, the research is done, the models are tested, the technologies are employed, the entire display is made available for those who would pay attention, the questions all answered. Only one question remains: who will act with integrity?


Excerpt – Blue Genes – By Bjorn Heyerdahl