Less is More
My question, Socratic question – to any one of the hundreds of persons who wide eyed and excited have told me that they know someone who has just invented, designed, produced – free energy from a machine (they saw in an eighties new age science documentary) and is just about to give it or sell it to the world – is what will you or they do with that energy?
What do they want energy for in a world that has too much already and uses it to produce more stuff that it does not need which causes more waste and resource depletion than our biospheric system can sustain? The next question is: have they seen it work? – and they never have. Not once in 30 years of asking have they seen it work, let alone been able to buy one and put it to good use.
To a stage of infantile human evolution still obsessed with more and more toys- in particular free energy, clean energy, bla, bla, bla – these things are all the same thing – another toy, more shiny beads to distract themselves with until they mature into something deeper. The damage caused by adding more energy to the industrial complex and the child like worldview of the new age ‘engineers’ who are going to save the world through more, is very measurable and the only viable solutions are offered through less. Less is more – in terms of sustainability of our biosphere and ethnosphere. We don’t need more of anything we need much, much less. We need mature leadership and citizenry that have outgrown the greedy little child stage of human development, co-creating efficient, minimalist temporary autonomous zones of human habitation based on encouraging more depth in humanity and human experience and enterprise and less breadth or production of more of the same in the material sphere. Of course there are so many ‘good things’ planned for this free, clean energy, that one hesitates to introduce an integral perspective, to give context, to this kind of naive optimism.
Then of course there are those who ‘know’ the aliens are bringing us, or already have brought us, this free energy. In their story, and it is always an exciting story, filled with intrigue and conspiracy, soon the aliens will give us the technologies they have had for so long and all will be well… the big bad wolf currently prevents this from happening OR they will give it to us when we are evolved enough not to hurt ourselves with it. The second story line might come from some kind of intuition or archetype with some basis in a healthy perspective on the evolution of consciousness and stage appropriate technologies. The first is quite pathological and boarders on psychotic paranoia. Some of these folk have seen these aliens, mated with them, had their eggs harvested, etc, which shows that the genius aliens want to breed with our country bumpkins, already inbred, simple folk from rural wherever… there just is no explaining taste on the romantic front.
The evidence for this and the argument, for the most part, is that these sightings and experiences are wide spread and numerous – could so many people be completely deluded? And the answer is yes, definitely.
For the most part humanity sits at the Mythic-Rational phase of development now – trying to find compelling reasons for their mythological beliefs and world views. This is why there is such a ready supply of this nonsense and such an appetite and audience for it.
We could spend ages on the subject of developmental levels and the correlations in what we ‘see’ as reality from those perspectives. Suffice to say if you are waiting for an alien, leader, deity or some power god or great ‘other’ to provide solutions and give direction then you are at the Mythic or Mythic-Rational level of development and the good news is, as comforting as that perspective is for a while, there is so much more to come for you.
Serious students of human development generally agree, cross-culturally, in a discernible progression in humanity from Archaic/Hunter Gatherer; to Magic/Tribal/Animism; to Mythic/City States/Religious; to Rational/Nation States/Scientism; to Pluralistic/ United Nations/World centric compassion; to Integral/Global Commons/compassion for and identity with all sentient life; and so on – with many degrees in-between these major shifts or stages of discrete development.
It is the good folk of the Mythic-Rational-Pluralistic stage, of the spiral dynamic affair that human development takes, with its progression and regression, that are most excited about the imminent change to ‘safer tools and toys’ of which clean, free energy will be the driver. Hopefully we push though that phase quite quickly and mature into something less lava like in our need for consumption. The healthy, mature end is, not to be better or cleverer or more conscious consumers of new energy and new products, but to not need them any longer.

The liberation from slavery to the industrial complex lies not in the pathological need for more but in less – in no longer needing ‘it’ at all.


Less is more.
Bjorn Heyerdahl
For my friend Christian, 22 August 2014, Serengeti House, North West, SA